LOS ANGELES-Michael Kors' new spring campaign and the related two-day immersive experience is based on the ''connectivity'' of Bella along with other influential female celebrities.

The 59-year-old designer's new spring campaign and the related two-day immersive experience at the Dolby SoHo space in New York was based on the ''connectivity'' of the younger generation, as well as the relaxed beauty of the model and other influential female celebrities.

In an interview with WWD, he said: ''People Bella's age, the whole idea for them is not just the actual physical travel, they're always on the move, whether it's physically going to a new place or also [being active].

''I mean, Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren were not kickboxing. Nor were they attached to their phones 24/7. That connectivity -- the younger you get, the more extreme it gets. So we wanted to sort of capture all of that movement that is part of today's culture.

''Bella or her sister [Gigi] or Blake Lively or Rihanna or Taylor [Swift], they're casual. They're glamorous and casual, so we had to somehow get all of that into it.''

The 22-year-old model praised the campaign, and insisted that her mother, Yolanda Hadid, was the perfect woman to illustrate the casual glamour the designer was trying to portray in the campaign. She said: ''It's put-together without being put-together, which is really nice,''

''[My mom] was super relaxed, growing up; I remember her packing one pair of jeans and one pair of shoes. It was always just us three with her, and she would scoop us all up and that's how we would travel.'' The campaign's interactive experience will feature multiple rooms with installations for guests to capture ''moments'' on their own devices or installed camera systems and will also see visitors the chance to insert themselves into a re-created campaign set, which will feature props that encourage movement.