KHYBER - Two mortar shells were fired from Afghanistan side in Torkham region of Pakistan yesterday, however, no person was injured as the shells landed in a deserted area close to the Pak-Afghan border.

An official of the security forces, while confirming the incident, said that at 7:15am on Wednesday, two stray mortars were fired from an unknown place of Afghanistan and had hit the deserted area near the Iqbal check post at the Torkham border. However, no person got injured due to the early morning hours.

Soon after the incident, the security forces officials rushed to the spot, cordoned off the whole area and collected evidences from the site for investigation, the official said. Soon after the incident, the Pakistan border officials closed the Pak-Afghan border, Torkham, for all kind of movements. The official condemned the incident and said that the Pak security was targeted in the attack but luckily the target was missed.

After successful dialog carried out between the officials of Pakistan and Afghanistan the border was reopened at 02:30pm for all kind of movements.