LAHORE                  -           The Annual Cricket Gala of Descon Engineering was held here at the Govt College Cricket Ground, where eight teams of including Descon Rising Star, Descon Spartan, Descon Qalandars, Descon Clatos, Descon Tigers, Descon Daredevils, Descon Sultan’s and Descon Striker’s took part. The inaugural match was played between Tigers and Sultan. Chief organiser Faheem Mukhtar Butt said: “Every year, there is a cricket gala, which gives employees a chance to sit together, thanks to the management, which organises such activities for the employees every year. On the first day, 15 matches were played and teams were given positions on the basis of net run rate. The tournament played 28 pool matches and then the play-offs between the top four teams began. In the first playoffs, ‘Descon Rising Star’ and ‘Descon Clatos’ contenders came in and the match ended at the end of the set-up. So it was decided to have a super over, in which ‘Descone Clatos’ defeated Descon Rising Star to qualify for finals. In the second playoff match, Descon Spartan defeated Descon Daredevils by 2 while the last match was played between the ‘Descon Rising Star’ and ‘Descon Spartan’, which the former won by 10 wickets.