KARACHI                  -             A four-member racket involved in supplying ice drug to students has been arrested by police officials during a raid conducted near Tipu Sultan road in Karachi.

The raid conducted by the officials of Ferozabad police station where they seized a huge quantity of ice powder from the possession of the arrested persons besides confiscating anti-dote, heroin and charas. Moreover, the officials have also impounded two motorcycles, seven mobile phones and other assets during the raid.

Police officials said the men were identified as Gul Ameer, Sadam Hussain, Naim and Hazrat Gul. The four-member racket of drug peddlers belongs to Balochistan’s capital Quetta and currently residing in Sohrab Goth area of Karachi.

“The narcotics are being smuggled to Karachi en route Hub from Quetta and later supplied to the customers who placed online orders. The customers include students of different universities, colleges and schools. The drugs peddlers had also supplied narcotics in different private programmes organised Defence, Clifton,” revealed police officials.

In November last year, it emerged that the drug gangs had set up their dens in various government schools and running their loathsome narcotics business in the educational facilities in Karachi.

Talking to a private television channel, a police officer confirmed that at least  14 non-functional schools have been occupied by the drug peddlers in Manghopir area of district west Karachi. He said that Lyari gang war suspects also used to take shelter in these schools.

The police officer said that the drug peddlers used minor children for the supply and sale of narcotics in the area. He maintained that the police mobiles cannot enter in the area owing to narrow streets and the ‘criminal’ took advantage of it. A video had also emerged that showed a large number of drug addicts can be seen taking narcotics in the classrooms of one of the same educational facility in the area.

The drug gangs are running their loathsome business in an organised manner in public sector schools. They provide narcotics and space to drug addicts.

It is pertinent to mention here that the drug peddles have set up a ‘Nashai’ hotel in the area were all the customers, waiters, baker and cashier are drug addicts.