ISLAMABAD - A sub-committee of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Wednesday directed the concerned authorities to recover million of rupees illegal amount allocated to the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) employees for allowance by PTA without approval of the Finance Ministry.

The Audit official informed the sub-committee chaired by Sherry Rehman that PTA had allocated Rs7.7 million to its employees without the legal approval of Ministry of Finance.

While lashing out at the concern officials, Sherry Rehman said that the FAB was yet to conduct a DAC on the issue in order to resolve it; however, she said that a penalty be imposed on PTA for not resolving the issue on time.

She stated that all this amount shall be recovered from PTA; adding that they will not tolerate such non serious behaviour on this very important and serious issue.

Meanwhile, the committee also raised their reservations over the allocation of license of 4G to Warid mobile company illegally after the audit officials informed the committee regarding the matter at the meeting.

The committee was further informed that Warid had neither the 4G spectrum nor they had participated in the bidding of licenses but despite all this the company was given the 4G license.

The committee was informed that due to such illegal allocation of license at least a loss of $50 million had been caused to the national exchequer.

While commenting on the issue, Sherry Rehman said: “Mobile companies have greatly annoyed its customers; they are charging their customers for facilities which they are not providing to them.”

She directed the NAB to take action and held those accountable who were involved in such illegal issue.