Addressing the launching ceremony of the National Immunisation Campaign, the Prime Minister Imran Khan said that a three-day polio eradication campaign would start from December 16,around 39.6 million children are supposed to be vaccined by 260,000 vaccinators across the country.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is included in two countries yet to be declared polio-free.PM admired polio workers who have sacrificed a lot during their campaigns by facing harsh weather conditions and going through risky areas to vaccine children. Moreover, the Prime Minister also thanked donors for extending their cooperation to Pak­istan in its course of be­­coming a polio-free nation.

It is right time to declare ourselves polio-free like our neighbors and other development countries which have already declared themselves. The parents are requested to visit the polio eradication centers in case they miss their children to be vaccined. The people who do negative propaganda against polio workers must be caught and awarded exemplary punishments.