PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister

Mahmood Khan has stated that a record developmental budget of Rs.83

billion has been approved for the development of merged tribal districts

during the current fiscal year 2019-

20 whereas every effort is being taken to ensure utilisation of the developmental funds.

While addressing a huge public gathering in Bara, tribal district

Khyber, the chief minister stated

that the incumbent government is

committed to transform the tribal districts and bring them at par

with the developed areas of the

province in order to usher a new

era of development and prosperity. He also announced the dualisation of Bara to Mastak Road, which

will be completed at a cost of Rs. 7


The chief minister stated that political opponents, who are criticising governance of the incumbent

government, should know that the

merger of ex-Fata into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was a five-year programme, which the provincial government had completed within one

year. Furthermore 29,000 Khasadar

and Levies forces have been merged

into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police

and every citizen of the tribal district has been provided with free

healthcare facilities under Sehat Insaaf Card programme.

Similarly, Insaaf Rozgar Scheme

has been launched for the youth

of tribal districts under which an

amount of Rs1 billion has already

been provided which will ensure

provision of livelihood opportunities. The incumbent provincial government also held transparent general election in the history of merged

tribal districts, which is a revolutionary step for the development of

these districts and now the representatives of merged tribal districts

are present not only in provincial

assembly, but also in the provincial

cabinet and they are leading developmental schemes in their respective constituencies according to the

aspirations and requirements of

their people.

The chief minister made it clear

that hundreds of developmental

schemes have been included in the

annual developmental programme,

which will change the fate of the

newly merged tribal districts.

He stated that construction of

Takhta Baig to Matanai Bypass road

had already been announced, which

will cost of Rs7 billion, adding that

the provincial government had rehabilitated 19 damaged schools out

of total 126 damaged schools while

construction work on 50 damaged

schools in tribal district Khyber will

be started from next month.

Mahmood also announced restoration of suspended Khasadar force

of district Khyber. He said that work

will also be initiated on the developmental projects in Rajgal area of Tirah valley, adding that the inauguration of Christian colony Landi kotal

will also be made possible very soon.

He said that the Jirga system has

been restored through alternate dispute resolution council further stating that the present provincial government has secured the right of

tribal people in leasing mines and

minerals for which a proper law has

been passed.

The chief minister further added that irrigation and water supply

schemes will be improved in tribal

district Khyber including the establishment of laboratories for testing

water quality, solarisation of tube

wells and construction of Jabba dam.

Mahmood Khan said that construction of Bara dam would irrigate 1,700 acres of land and will

also generate 6 MW of electricity

whereas the remodelling and extension of Bara Canal System will

also be made possible soon. He said

that blacktopping of roads, construction of RCC bridges and sports

stadiums at Landi Kotal and Shalman will also be carried out on priority basis.

He said that issues of power load

shedding in district Khyber will be

resolved soon for which Rs7billion

have already been provided to TESCO. Chief Minister said that Khyber

Pakhtunkhwa is moving towards development and prosperity as per the

vision and mission of Prime Minister

Imran Khan.