LAHORE - After more than two years of discussions and various delays, US President Donald Trump has finally revealed his long-awaited Middle East plan, which he has also referred to as the “deal of the century”. Trump’s plan, negotiated with Israel but without the Palestinians, purportedly aims to revive the long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The US president, speaking at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his side, rolled out his US-Israeli plan for the Middle East , saying it was a “win-win opportunity for both sides”.

“The peace plan for Israel and Palestine is a powerful path forward,” Trump said.

President Trump’s Middle East plan foresees East Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital and that the US would eventually open an embassy there. Jerusalem will be Israel’s undivided capital under the plan, Trump added. Trump said US vision will end the cycle of Palestinian dependency on charity and foreign aid. He urged peaceful coexistence without mentioning Israeli occupation over the Palestinian lands and the decades-long blockade.

Pakistan backs two-state solution to Palestine issue

Pakistan yesterday said it supports a two-state solution to the Palestine issue as enshrined in the relevant Security Council and General Assembly resolutions.

Reacting to Unites States President Donald Trump’s Palestinian- Israel Plan, Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said: “Pakistan continues to support a just and lasting solution of the Palestinian issue, through dialogue and negotiations, that leads to the realization of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, including the right of self-determination.”