The ongoing clashes between the security forces and the local Taliban at Tehsil Matta here claimed 30 Taliban dead and several injured, while curfew for an indefinite period has been clamped in Swat by the security forces. Swat media centre said that the skirmishes at Matta between the security forces and Taliban continued, resulting in the death of 25 Taliban and several wounded. On the other hand, Taliban rejecting the official claim said that the casualties on their side were in fact 3 dead and 5 injured. Meanwhile, the security forces by clamping curfew in Swat for an indefinite period have sealed all the road communications. The Army itself has taken over the control of Matta police station, while over 5 Taliban were killed and several injured in the skirmishes. In retaliation of Taliban's attack on Venai check post, security forces conducted operation in the area.