MINGORA - At least 14 persons, including nine militants and five civilians, were killed and several others were injured in fresh clashes between the security forces and the militants at different places of Matta area in Swat region on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the alleged militants also kidnapped around 30 personnel of the security forces after attacking a checkpost in Dewlai village. The clashes have occurred again after the lapse of relatively five months' peace following the peace accord between the militants and the NWFP government. According to details, hundreds of militants kidnapped at least 30 personnel of the security forces after attacking a checkpost in village Dewlai. Eyewitnesses informed that around 500 armed militants made a surprise attack on a police check-post in village Dewlai of Matta Sub-Division and kidnapped 30 personnel of the security forces from there. After the incident, the authorities declaring high alert, started door-to-door search in several villages of the area and also targeted the suspected hideouts of the alleged militants with artillery and mortars. One of the mortar shells hit a house in village Akhun Keley near Matta, killing four people and injuring six others. Moreover, security forces claimed that around nine militants were also killed and several others were injured in the shelling. The forces also claimed to have captured at least 14 suspected militants during door-to-door search in Kabal and Matta and recovered a huge quantity of modern weapons from their possession. However, the identity of the killed and injured militants couldn't be ascertained. Around 10 personnel of the security forces were also injured during the clashes. Meanwhile, some unknown militants also set on fire a girls' school in Chamtalai village near Khawazakhela town and a health center in village Nawa Killi near Mingora. A person, namely Musafar, was also shot dead by the miscreants in Ningolai area. Some other reports of firing in some parts of Kanjo town were also received. But no casualty has been reported. Monitoring Desk adds: Allied forces on Tuesday moved closer to Pak-Afghan border, a sign of possible cross-border attack on tribal militants, a private TV reported. Hundreds of allied troops armed with heavy artillery, armour guard vehicles, tanks, mortars and high-tech weapons have moved from Afghanistan's provinces Khost and Paktika towards Tanni, an Afghan area at border. Meanwhile, an increase in flights of spy planes has also been witnessed in tribal areas.