THE search for a better life? The Turkish Dream? What did the 319 Pakistanis deported from Turkey the other day leave their country for? Is the state of affairs in the country so bad that they would want to risk incarceration and deportation to leave it? Granted, the country is going through a bad phase but the ingenuity and resilience certain enterprising youth show in getting past the bouncers at the first world club lead to the obvious question of why they were unsuccessful in their own country. Such intelligence would have been useful in the local job market as well. Those who couldn't make, like the unlucky 319, should be useful in cracking down on the agents and consultants who are making a quick buck out of the sorry lot willing to do anything to get out of the country. Human trafficking is a serious issue. And in the changing security priorities of the 21st century, it could pose a rather serious diplomatic problem for us. There needs to be an effective crackdown on those who operate these smuggling rings.