LAHORE-Former Punjab Governor, Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar Tuesday said that current assemblies should be dissolved to hold fresh elections, as the present Government had failed to deliver. "There is virtually no government in the country and all government affairs are being run in haphazard manner", he said while addressing a news conference here at Lahore Press Club on Tuesday. Khar asked the Prime Minister to advise dissolution of present assemblies to pave way for establishment of new elected govt in the country. He believed that national integrity would be at stake if the present set up was allowed to continue with all its malfunctioning. "Not only the Government has failed in establishing its writ, it has also proved a failure regarding provision of relief to the people", he maintained, while adding, "if there existed any Government, then as to why its orders were not being implemented. Khar termed Yousuf Raza Gilani a weak prime minister, saying that all his powers were being enjoyed by Asif Ali Zardari. He said country was not in the safe hands, as all decisions were being made by Mr Zardari. The former Punjab Governor said present Government was a 'coalition' in name only as PPP was taking all decisions single-handedly without taking into confidence its coalition partners. Khar was convinced that Benazir Bhutto's  'will' was not genuine. He said it was prepared in London after her assassination. He was of the firm belief that Benazir Bhutto could never have desired to name Mr Zardari as party co-chairman. How could she like such a person to head the party to whom she did not even want to look after her children in Dubai. He said he was in contact with several important PPP men to chalk out a joint strategy to pull the country out of the present quagmire of problems.