THE Indian Air Force has gone into operational readiness after a pattern of airspace violation by Pakistan was seen, reports Indian media. Indian Air Force has confirmed that the Pakistani Air Force warplanes had violated Indian airspace on at least three occasions in May and June which prompted it to get itself into operational readiness. According to Times Now Television, three intrusions were reported in Pathankot sector. After these intrusions, the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) of the Indian Army - General Sekhon - spoke with his Pakistan counterpart - Major General Ahmed Pasha. However, the warplanes did not penetrated deep into the Indian airspace. The air force is ensuring operational readiness in four key places in the Western Air Command. Fali Major, Air Chief, confirming the reports of airspace violation said, "As usual our operational readiness is in place. They man three or four places in western air command which stretches from Kashmir to Rajasthan. This has been the norm throughout. But, we have not taken extra precautions because we know how these intrusions took place, and why they happened."