Tahrik-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan here at the Tehsil of Muzaffargarh notifying the owners of CDs centers, net-cafe and cable network ordered them to close their businesses within 15 days without fail, while the women have been threatened to wear 'burqa' or else their faces would be burnt by pouring acids. The notices received by the CD centers, net caf and cable network through post said that they should wind up their un-Islamic businesses within 15 days, as decreed by their Amir, Khalid Mahsood of Tahrik-e-Islami Taliban, District Muzaffargarh and added that the time allowed for doing so should not be taken as mere threat, as after the expiry of deadline the Mujahideen of Tahrik would start actions. It further said that if any woman after 5 days seen without veil, her face would be burnt by acid.