I have no idea of Mr Tallah's background except that he is a senator, who has recently decided that the security of country is much important than numbers of Mobile SIMs sold in the country. I am sure, he has done his homework on this issue. The problem is that the politicians are too busy to find out the facts themselves and have to listen to their advisors. Mr Tallah, I have previously written two letters in the same newspaper on the subject. The fact is that the Cellular companies and PTA ex-chairman are playing with the security of Pakistan by playing numbers game to show their performance. Senator, the only solution to this menace is that the prepay SIMs should only be sold through cellular service centres and franchises after proper verification. I assure you there will be no inconvenience to the consumer, as all companies have franchises in every corner of the city. -TAUFIQ RIND, Abdullah Ghot Kotri, Sindh, via e-mail, July 29.