LAHORE - Advocate of Supreme Court and Counsel for Haris Steel, Irfan Qadir has said that NAB has recovered Rs 60 billion to Rs 70 billion through settlement but the Chairman NAB was not ready to give such relief to his clients in Bank of Punjab case due to unknown reason. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference here on Tuesday at a local hotel. He said that business of his clients was running smoothly with BoP but all of sudden their firm went into crisis and an inquiry was started by NAB. The firm took liability of the said amount and faced the inquiry. The loan was rescheduled and settled and his firm deposited the amount of Rs. 45 crore as down payment but despite that NAB started detentions of his clients and an unpleasant incident was also seen in the supreme court of Pakistan couple of days back when NAB officials violated the court orders and tried to arrest his client within the premises of the court. He was of the view that NAB officials violated the court orders repeatedly. "NAB ordinance does not stress upon the conviction but the recovery" he said and added that no reference in this case was received from the governor SBP in this regard. He said that there was no liability of single penny on Hamesh Khan in this case as Haris Steel has accepted all due amount. To a question that why Hamesh Khan has left the country then, he said, he escaped only to save his skin from the humiliation for nothing by the various departments and agencies of the country. Irfan Qadir claimed that he has the court orders wherein the court has directed the NAB to put the case to the position prior to the position of June 18, however he could not provide the such orders and said that some body has gone to get the order photo copies.