LAHORE - A Full Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan hearing dozens of cases relating to the illegally constructed plazas and commercial sites in the City, Tuesday asked the Punjab government to set up Karachi Building Trust like forum to ensure quality and strictly under the law construction of the commercial buildings, plazas etc throughout the Punjab. Presiding over the three-member Bench, Justice Fakir Muhammad Khokhar said instead of shifting the burden to the courts, the government should have on its own end some authority on the pattern it was developed in Karachi to make sure that any commercial sites in the City are built as per approved specifications and under the law without violation of any rule and regulation. The Court was of the view that in the instant case as many as 150 parties had filed replies while as many as 1,500 more commercial sites were in the pipeline this court has to deal with. This would consume a lot of time of the courts and expenses and in order to avoid all this, the Punjab government may set up an authority to see quality and as per law constructions and decide about the illegally constructed building, the court observed while directing Advocate General Khwaja Harris Ahmad to come up with reply of the authority to this proposition on the next date of hearing, that is August 4. Justice Khokhar said it was Lahore but next it could be plazas of Faisalabad and then of Gujranwala so and so forth, coming up before this court to continue it occupied with deciding the commercial plazas cases. Therefore, the government on its own end, may consider setting up an authority to regulate construction of plazas in accordance with law and decision on the illegality of construction about any. Director General LDA, Irfan Ali, senior legal adviser to the LDA, Mian Qamaruz Zaman, while Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, SM Zafar, AK Dogar among a host of other lawyers were present on behalf of the plaza and the owners of the commercial buildings. During the course of hearing the court observed that the authority may consider regularisation of the buildings if on inspection they were found not dangerous or threat to the public life, however, the owners may be burdened with fine for any other illegally therein. Pulling down a building that was not dangerous in any manner, is likely to disturb scores of people who had purchased it and residing therein, the court remarked. For the LDA the stand was taken through Mian Qamaruz Zaman that the Authority was highly vigilant after July 2006, when this court had passed an interim order, against the illegal constructions. The counsel said it took serious action wherever it found stability certification of the construction was missing or any other violation was committed about the construction. The counsel also informed the court about completing preparations for demolishing four plazas in the City which the court has sought previously. The court not passing any further order in this regard, however, adjourned the matter till August 4 next when the AG would come up with reply.