LAHORE - Like other overhead pedestrian bridges in the City, the one at The Mall near Panorama Centre is fast losing its utility, thanks to the lack of interest on the part of the City District Government. Since its construction a couple of years back, the said overhead bridge was attracting only a handful of pedestrians while the majority preferring to cross the busy road from improper places. Lack of interest on the part of citizens and quarters concerned reduced the utility of this pedestrian bridge with the passage of time that ultimately encouraged the addicts and homeless people to sleep during night-time. The addicts are even answering the call of nature at this overhead pedestrian bridge with the concerned quarters acting as silent spectators. Improper sanitation conditions and presence of addicts round the clock has now even stopped the few people from using this overhead pedestrian bridge for crossing The Mall.  "I stopped using this bridge about eight months back. Addicts and beggars are using this bridge as their homes. They answer the call of nature at this bridge which has turned it into a dumping pit. The CDG is even ignoring routine sweeping. The law enforcement agencies are not removing addicts from this bridge. It is not possible to use this bridge in the prevailing circumstances", said Muhammad Ajmal, a trader at Panorama Centre who cross the road more than once for offering prayer at Masjid-e-Shuhda. "Using overhead bridge for crossing the road is a burden. It is not possible for elderly people and women to use so many stairs for crossing a road. The government should construct underpasses instead of overhead bridges to facilitate majority of pedestrians", said another trader at Panorama Centre, Muhammad Irtaza.