LAHORE - More needs to be done in the tribal areas to eradicate extremism and violence as well as to bring economic well being in that area as counter measures to that. For this end, the British government is ready to help Pakistan government, said Hazel Blears, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, United Kingdom, while addressing a press conference here Tuesday. On her first visit to Pakistan Hazel spent a busy day in the city during which she also called on the Punjab Governor, Salman Taseer. Answering queries of the media men, she said violence was dangerous for any society and to counter that phenomenon in the tribal areas of Pakistan still more vigorous efforts need to be made to also bring there economic prosperity, education etc. as measure to combat it and the British government is ready to assist Pakistan whatever way it can. She said the UK was pleased that a democratic government in Pakistan in place and it want to support its effort to counter extremism and violence in the trial area. She said during her visit she had interacted with the ministers and interior adviser besides visiting the seminaries and teachers, students and was going home with a mind that overwhelming majority in Pakistan was peaceful, moderate and wanted prosperous and peaceful living where the people have economic progress, job opportunities, education and other amenities of life. She said Islam indeed was a religion of peace, tolerance, respect, patience, and mutual understanding and both United Kingdom and Pakistan can work together to promote these Islamic themes. Responding to a question on the general perception about the muslim community in UK after 9/11 and present situation, she said the suspicion about the muslims after 9/11 and 7/7 and fear on their part, are no more. Now the muslim community is equally part of the British society with equal opportunities as other have without any discrimination. However, she said, they were fully mindful of the need of security and peace. She ruled out that Pakistani community was targeted in the UK after the said incidents and added,, the UK government values the Muslim community highly. To a question that without any recognised definition of terrorism, this word is confused with extremism whereof muslim remain under fear of being dubbed as terrorist, she said this was, not the case as extremist was one who resorted to violence to force his religious ideology.