LAHORE - The provincial universities will be holding cultural activities for the promotion of various Punjabi traditions, culture, poetry, history and language besides organising such function, which will ultimately lead towards promoting Sufism and inter-religious harmony. Besides this, the cultural activities and Sufi conferences will be held at the Governor's House on different occasions. For the conferences, people from the East Punjab (India) will be also invited, and a Punjabi university will be established as well. This was told to the mediamen by Governor Punjab Salman Taseer, while addressing a press conference held here at the Governor's House on Tuesday. Also present on the occasion were: Fakhar Zaman, Mustafa Qureshi, Madiha Gohar, Farkhanda Lodhi, Sabir Lodhi, Ibrar-ul-Haq and others. Salman Taseer, while asserting that the Punjabi language had not been given the kind of attention which it deserved, said the language was our recognition, and those nations become deadened which forgot their language. "We need to introduce our present generation with the language of the land so that the next generations can realise the worth of their inheritance, which is outlined by the Sufis poetry, history, culture, traditions and folk dances, and these are the essence of the Punjab," he said adding that the public-sector universities would be holding cultural activities for the promotion of the traditions of the province. "The universities and other institutions will be holding cultural functions where the youth will be involved. Secondly, special programmes will be held on August 6 and 26 on Waris Shah (RA) and Baba Bulhay Shah (RA) respectively, which will be followed by a Sufi conferences at the Governor's House for impeding negative inclinations among the youths," told the Governor. Salman Taseer said they had been feeling that the Punjabi language was ignored by all. "Today, our children are ignorant about the language. There have been deliberate attempts at destroying the Punjab culture. The public educational institutions have given suggestions in this regard, which will be actualised. The youth like the Sufi poetry and arts for the promotion of which doors of the Governor's House will be wide open for all to attend the cultural programmes," he said. While replying to a question, the Governor said a Punjabi university would be established soon. "We will take the Punjab government along with us in this regard, and nothing of the sort will be done which can create political friction," he said. Fakhar Zaman, while appreciating the Governor for taking the initiatives aimed at promoting the Punjabi cultural activities, suggested that besides the Sufis from the Punjab, Saints of the other provinces should be also included. Actor Mustafa Qureshi suggested that old Pakistani Punjabi films should be screened in India as well, like the Indian films were being screened in Pakistan. "Today we are being threatened by extremism, which can only be thwarted through the cultural activities and the Sufi poetry," he said vowing to revive the film industry. Madiha Gohar said the performing art and the Sufi poetry could help in eliminating hatred and extremism.