RAWALPINDI - The new system of traffic wardens is in its initial stage but with the passage of time the citizens of Rawalpindi would feel positive changes regarding traffic. Traffic wardens would replace corrupt system and bring efficient structure of controlling traffic in the city. This was stated by Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Raja Riffat Mukhtar while talking in  "Guest of the Week", a regular feature of Crime and Court Reporters Association, Rawalpindi, at the Press Club here on Tuesday. He said that no one, whether VIP or ordinary person, would be spared on traffic violation. "Soon the licencing system would be computerised and all the driving licences would be issued according to prescribed procedures and purely on merit without accepting any outside pressure," he maintained.   The CTO remarked that first of all Motorway Police introduced a new police culture in the country and after this successful experiment the previous government of Punjab had decided to initiate modern traffic warden system in big cities of the province. "In this regard the Warden system was introduced in Rawalpindi on June 21," the traffic chief added. He told the journalists that although some complaints regarding indiscipline and misbehaviour were received but no one complained about the corruption of the wardens. The traffic chief claimed that on the whole, feedback from the people regarding new traffic system was quite encouraging. The CTO said that the cooperation of the people is very imperative to streamline the traffic system in the city and for the purpose a mass awareness campaign would be started very soon. He said that three main factors of policing are discipline, conduct and professionalism and within six months City Traffic Police, Rawalpindi, would be made model police. "We have made SOPs for the betterment of traffic wardens and on spot briefing would be carried out to train them," he added. Raja Riffat Mukhtar said that City Traffic Police would also check on smoke omitting vehicles. "In Pakistan we inhale almost 10 mg lead daily whereas in USA this ratio is 0.5 mg. The amount of lead develops some chemical changes in our body resulting intolerance in the people. We might say that environment affects our daily behaviour badly.", he added. Raja Riffat said that shortly fiber made cabins installed with latest sound system operated with solar energy cells would be provided to traffic wardens to protect them from climatic conditions. They could use the sound system to make announcements for controlling the traffic in the city.