THE circumstances leading to the resignation of the Chief Minister in Held Kashmir Omar Abdullah are certainly not interesting. Things got heated up when Mian Muzaffar Baig an opposition leader handed over a list issued by the Central Bureau of Investigation of the persons involved in a sex scandal in 2006 to the speaker, in which Mr Abdullah's name had also been mentioned, the first time the state assembly knew what he had been up to. Though the bureau had taken action against some of the accused, there were others whose names could not be disclosed to the public. This indicates that the high-ups in Held Kashmir are involved in crimes that are being committed on Kashmiris, particularly women. There is no check on the Indian security forces, which commit atrocities on a regular basis. Reports of incidents of rape and other types of violence keep appearing in the press. During search operations, women are subjected to the worst king of harassment. This is a sad reflection on the way successive state governments have been ruling over the people. Not long ago, the puppet government sold a sizeable territory to a Hindu extremist group in a move aimed at converting Muslims into a minority. When the valley erupted into riots, the Indian army killed a number of Kashmiris in order to quell the resistance. At this point, Kashmiris are infuriated and there have been protest demonstrations in the valley. Instead of imposing a corrupt and brutal leadership on Kashmiris and denying them the right to self-determination, New Delhi must give up its brutal subjugation of Kashmiris. It is ironic that it calls itself as a distinguished member of the international community but continues with its illegal occupation of the state. It is in the interest of South Asia's peace and security that a solution in consonance with the UN Security Council resolutions was found.