IN a welcome though belated move Prime Minister Gilani has told the Federal Ministers to stop issuing statements on important issues without getting clearance from the cabinet. Opposing stands by cabinet ministers have led government critics to observe that in the present administration one hand does not know what the other is doing. The Prime Minister, for instance, has condemned drone attacks and the Air Force Chief has said the country possesses the capability of downing these pilotless planes if a decision was taken by the political leadership. Defence Minister Ch Ahmad Mukhtar however observed not long ago that the country had no means to shoot them down. While Minister for Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is never tired of promising that load shedding would end by December 31, Federal Minister Khursheed Shah has contradicted him as many times. There is a perception that the problem has been caused by the prevailing quasi-dyarchy which has resulted in two centres of power. The malaise has actually gone much beyond as indicated by statements requiring revision of the CoD by the PPP Central Information Secretary. This has promoted a highly destabilising perception that there are tensions between the President and Prime Minister. Finally, the parliamentary committee on Balochistan headed by Senator Raza Rabbani has handed over its report to the Prime Minister. Last week, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had claimed the country would hear good news about Balochistan within a few weeks. There is a need now to take the Baloch nationalists, who have turned down the offer to attend, an APC into confidence. This could be facilitated by the government announcing some of the much needed CBMs like the settlement of thousands of Balochis displaced as a result of operations in Bugti and Marri areas and the release of political activists, some of whom are reported missing. Unless all stakeholders in Balochistan are on board, a sustainable solution to the grievances cannot be evolved and a perception would continue to persist in the Province that like its predecessors, the present government too is not willing to go beyond empty statements. The All India Muslim League had demanded a provincial status for Balochistan way back in 1930's to ensure that its people enjoyed equal political rights and had their rightful share in development. Sixty-two years after the creation of Pakistan the Province continues to be the most backward. What is more, it has been subjected to several military operations, the latest under military ruler Pervez Musharraf. Resolving the issue in line with the aspirations of the people of Balochistan would constitute an outstanding achievement of the PPP. Failure to do so, would add another potent factor to those already destabilising the country.