KARACHI - Multi-Parties Conference (APC) on Wednesday demanded the lodging of cases against City Government Karachi and KESC over the lost of precious lives and poor performance in the background of the recent rainy season. They claimed that the recent spell of rain had exposed the tall claims of the City government Karachi, saying that in the few hours rain, roads were in dilapidated conditions everywhere and the underpasses were turned into water reservoirs. The MPC was organized by the Jamaat-e-Islami at Idara-e-Noor Haq, entitled financial and human loses from rain and failure of city govt. Veteran Politician Prof Ghafoor Ahmed, PML-N leader Saleem Zia, NPP leader Zia Abbas, JUI-F leader Aslam Ghori, JI Karachi Chief M Hussain Mehanti and others addressed the MPC. They asked the government to establish a commission to probe into the failure of KESC and also to hold an inquiry about the one-sided privatization of KESC. The leaders of various parties demanded the stern punishment for the KESC authorities, who have not fulfilled the privatization agreement. Prof Ghafoor Ahmed, JI deputy chief, said the incompetent and corrupt administration had turned rain from a boon into a bane. He demanded compensation for the affectees and accountability of those who were responsible for causing miseries and losses to people.