ISLAMABAD - United Nations Spokesperson and Information Officer Stephanie Bunker said on Wednesday that United Nations Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan would yield significant results for bringing the IDPs back to normal life. She said this in an interview with TheNation. She said that the six months plan, devised in fall 2008 and revised in May this year, laid special emphasis on IDPs, keeping in view the factors of massive displacement and other problems which followed in tandem. The plan has been revised with special focus on the displaced people, and Im sure the basic issues of survival, like education, shelter, camps, waters, sanitation, development, logistics, food and agriculture would be addressed thoroughly, Bunker said. Pointing to a paradoxical situation pertaining to financial aid given to Pakistan by the international donors, Bunker said Pakistan, on the one hand, stands among the highest recipients of the aid in terms of dollars, as $237 million given to the country so far, while it is included in the lowest five recipients on the other in terms of percentage of the funds required. Commenting on the perception about donors apathy towards showing generosity in the current crisis, the UN Spokesperson termed the situation encouraging and the response of the donors satisfactory. Till now, 43 per cent of the total required amount of $542 dollars has been collected. Usually, on such humanitarian appeals, we receive something like two-thirds of the required funds and we hope we would get the donations in the desired range in the days ahead, she said adding that $160 million donated recently by the US for IDPs was a significant development in this regard. Answering a question about the possibility of corruption and misuse in funds on part of the local authorities and the government departments, working in collaboration with UN in the conflict areas, the senior UN official mentioned the donated funds would be given to United Nations and humanitarian agencies that have a clear track record of being very transparent and clean organisations. I cant say that there would never ever be misuse of even a penny, but let me assure you that the funds would be utilised by those organisations that have high credibility, good reputation and are answerable to their boards, she said adding that UN had a very strict monitoring mechanism that strictly curtailed chances of corruption. When asked about persisting life threats to the UN officials in the wake of frequent deadly attacks, Stephanie Bunker argued, Attacks, they can happen anywhere in the world, be it US, Spain, World Trade Centre or airline disasters, but the security measures taken here are quite satisfactory, the government is determined to provide us foolproof security, besides, Department of Security and Safety of the UN is very active in this regard, she added. Overall, Stephanie Bunker said, the situation was encouraging and UN, international NGOs and the government would be able to overcome the challenges that the IDPs were confronting. Its a very unique and unusual situation, if the host communities and locals can come to help the displaced people, then they deserve more support and credit. We would achieve the desired targets with their support, she summed up.