US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke on Thursday said that Pakistani leaders brought up the issue of India's alleged involvement in Balochistan, but did not give any credible evidence to support their claim. "I would be misleading, if I said it didn't come up," Holbrooke told State Department Press Corps when asked to comment on the meetings he had with Pakistani leaders during his last week's visit to that country. Asked if Pakistan has provided him with any "credible evidence of India's involvement in Balochistan", he said: "The narrow answer to your question is no." However, he did not elaborate any further. He also reiterated that Kashmir is outside his ability to discuss. Responding to questions, Holbrooke said there is no difference with India on the issue of Pakistan and Afghanistan. "You know, India was the first country in the world I was ever aware of. I have a very special feeling for it. And if there's a rift, you have to ask the Indians. I didn't see any rift," the US envoy said.