LAHORE - The government of the Punjab is going to be e-governed from the next year, as the EDO IT in every district has been appointed to update the major information daily, enabling the CM to monitor progress in each district promptly. The Executive District Officers of IT, appointed recently for this purpose in all the districts of Punjab, will add all official information of their districts in the computer network centralized in Lahore. While it will be mandatory for every departments EDO, including education, finance, health, agriculture to provide the data to their area EDO IT every morning so that the concerned ministers, officers and the chief minister get updated information about all districts. This was stated by the chairman Task force on IT govt of Punjab Nadeem K Haq while briefing the members of Lahore Economic Journalist Association. He said Punjab government is developing software under which the FIR could be filed electronically at each police station of the province. He said a dedicated FM radio guides the drivers about the road conditions in Lahore. This facility he added would be extended to other cities. He said overseas Pakistanis funded the facility manned now by Punjab Police at Qurban line from where they guide any individual to locate any destination in Lahore. The individual simply have to dial 1915 to get the guidance, he added. He said the CM would have access to all the districts and departments through a pass word while the minister would be able to retrieve the information on departments under their jurisdiction from all districts. He said the Deputy Commissioners would have access to all information relating to their districts. He said compliance about regular updating of data would be ensured as the EDO IT and other EDOs would be monitored through several tiers from the Chief Minister to the Ministers and the deputy commissioners. He said e-governance is not computerization or automation alone. It is the art of gathering information from all the administrative units of the province that ensures full transparency. He said the chief executive of the province would be able through e-governance to monitor the progress on development work, health and agricultural issues of each district and take prompt action where required. This concept he added is being practiced in most of the developed economies where the credit worthiness, health and criminal record of any individual could be retrieved in few seconds. The meeting was attended by President Leja Mansoor Ahmad, VP Ittrat Bashir, General Secretary Sudhir Chaudhry and Treasurer Imran Adnan.