The report by Bari Baloch on page 03 of The Nation of July 16, states, "Punjab had promised to release 150,000 cusecs in the Indus but contrary to this only 95,000 cusecs were released". I am not contesting the figures but wish to point out that it is not Punjab which determines how much water is to be released in the Indus, it is IRSA. Who is responsible for this continuing ignorance of the simple fact that since IRSA came into being through the Water Apportionment Accord in 1991, it is IRSA and not WAPDA or Punjab, which determines water distribution to the provinces. The national press bears a heavy responsibility for not apprising the reading public of the factual position and also for printing such misleading reports which add to the already existing mistrust between the provinces. Punjab, like the other provinces, can only raise a ten-day indent of its requirements to IRSA, which draws up a 'Distribution Plan' and instructs WAPDA to release the water accordingly. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, July 16.