LAHORE - The reports of shadowy Indian gambling mafia wafting its way towards Pakistan cricketers during the ongoing Sri Lanka series had Pakistan team management on its heels. Team manager Yawar Saeed was quoted in Indian media as saying: "We were told by some of the players that a few suspicious people approached them during the Colombo Tests. We lodged a complaint with the hotel management and they immediately shifted all of us to another floor of the hotel." Kudos to the players and the vigilant team management that acted promptly. Necessary measures like team surveillance and ensuring better security were taken but there is definitely something sinister in the incident. Sources confirmed that they were Mumbai-based bookies who were probably in action again to try and get the matches fixed. Despite enjoying positions of advantage during most stages of the Test matches, Pakistan lost the series in the Pearl Island. The defeats sparked many a speculation as to what was going on. Some circles had even suggested that unity in the squad was an issue. And now with news of bookies trying to approach Pakistan players, the wagging tongues may try and give another twist to this issue. The fact that the Indian bookies (that the majority of gambling mafia is Indian is an acknowledged fact the world over) are involved again should raise Pakistani hackles in more ways than one. This may be remembered that that many circles, including those in the government, believed that there was an Indian hand in attack on Sri Lankan team in Lahore on March 3. And prior to this and subsequently, the Indian cricket board had tried to isolate Pakistan in world cricket, going to the extent of persuading Sri Lanka from touring Pakistan and lobbying in the ICC to deprive Pakistan of its share of world Cup 2011 matches owing to security. In this backdrop, a covert Indian attempt to malign Pakistan cricketers by luring them into the web of match mixing can certainly not be ruled out. Given the circumstances, this definitely is a possibility that Pakistan cricket board and the government agencies must be aware of.