Dr. Abdul Qadir in his recent article writes how important the agriculture sector is for the sovereignty of our country. I remember about 25 years back, I was present for some official duty at the Karachi Port Trust jetty overseeing uploading of some export consignment. Having a cup of tea from a mobile vendor during the break, the old Makrani labourer sighed and said to me, "There was a time when I was young and used to load wheat on these ships going abroad. In my old age, for the past many years now I have been unloading wheat imported from abroad". We all know what is the main reason of low agriculture development. No politician or dictator worth his salt (and wheat) wants the country to be self-sufficient in agriculture; how would then they be able to export today and import tomorrow and make money both ways, with special temporary custom duty exemption? Those who really have heart for the country do what an Indian state government did last week. East Punjab government facing load shedding banned the use of air-conditioners in all government departments including offices and official residences of the ministers and the chief minister with immediate effect. -SHAHNAZ, Karachi, via e-mail, July 17.