BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron was accused of being a 'loudmouth by David Miliband, the former foreign secretary, over his claims that elements of the Pakistani state are responsible for exporting terrorism abroad. Miliband rounded on Camerons comments, claiming there was a 'big difference between straight-talking and being a loudmouth. He said everyone had 'two ears and one mouth and it was important to use them 'in that proportion when it came to foreign policy. While Pakistan must go 'further and faster in dealing with the terrorism, it was also important to recognise how much Pakistan itself has suffered from the terrorism that afflicts the whole of South Asia, said Miliband, who insisted that he was not seeking to score points as part of his leadership bid. He told BBC: It is very, very important that the prime minister, who in three unscripted appearances at press conferences has gone off script ... understands that we have got two ears and one mouth and it is very important to use them in that proportion.