RAWALPINDI  - Residents of Waris Khan have protested against the rising criminal activities in the area since last many days.

According to details, sense of insecurity prevailed in the residents as the area police Station failed to overcome the criminals activates in the area.

Due to minimum strength of police persons in the police station the criminals are freely moving in the area. 

They said that the despite several operations against the drug smugglers, the police failed to eliminate them.

“Gambling activities continues day to day out with impunity turning the youth into criminals,” said a group of residents.

The residents appealed to the RPO to take notice of the situation and to issue directive in this regard.

Meanwhile, volunteers dressed in police uniforms are allegedly looting innocent hapless citizens, with full support of local police.

Most of such nefarious activities are reported to be taking place after 9:00 pm around areas like Babu Lal Hussain Road, Rawal Chowk of Thana Waris Khan, and Thana Sadiqabad’s Band Khanna Road, among others.

Uneducated, crude and mostly volatile volunteers often demand bribes, resorting to outright violence and abuse. Citizens have demanded strict action against these uniformed dacoits.