LAHORE – Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan has said that President Zardari’s election for another five year term was not acceptable.

“The present government is a failure on all fronts and the gang of four is plundering public wealth with both hands, and if they manage to come to power for another term, the country will be plunged into anarchy and its future would be uncertain”, he said while addressing an Iftar party on Sunday.

The JI ameer condemned the presentation of a Hollywood film depicting two Holy Prophets on a private TV channel and said the step was aimed at hurting the sentiments of Muslims. He said that news of President Zardari’s re-election from the present assemblies were in circulation and something of the sort was being cooked up between Zardari and the other parties in the coalition.

The masses who were opposed to surrendering the country’s independence and sovereignty before the US and wanted an end to the ongoing loadshedding, price hike, unemployment and lawlessness, would not allow such conspiracy to succeed, he added.

Munawar said the ruler’s corruption was causing prolonged loadshedding even during Ramazan. He said an amount ranging from Rs70 billion to Rs100 billion was being dished out to PPP workers.