Quota system was introduced in 1973 constitution following the debacle of East Pakistan to mitigate the sense of deprivation in remaining Pakistan on the basis of population. The quota system was introduced in spite of reservations from political quarters of smaller provinces. The ten percent quota for merit was reserved to satisfy the demands of big province. The big province was given 50 percent of quota but in reality, it has forcefully taken more than eighty percent of quota. The ten percent reserved for merit has always been given to the people of Punjab in this way they are taking more than their share. Everyone has been raising their voice against this injustice but all in vain. Even the Judiciary could not redress this injustice done to the people of smaller provinces.

The people of smaller province are not getting their due share in federal government. The people of Balochistan have revolted and the Musharraf government following the murder of Akbar Bugti had reallocated 2.50 percent quota out of 10 percent, of merit to Balochistan to scale down resentment. As we know that quota system was awarded on the basis of population and NFC award was also awarded on multiple criteria so the system should be reallocated on the basis of population. All and sundry know that the population of Sindh has increase manifold due to various reasons that is migration of people from other provinces. The 7.5 percent reserved for merit should be reallocated to Sindh in addition to its share of 19 percent. It will reduce the deprivation and poverty from this heavily populated province. It will reduce the urban and rural divide; it would solidify the roots of federation of Pakistan. The talented people from Sindh would get their due share from increased quota.


Sukkur, July 23.