On July 18, 2013, as reported by many TV channels, MPA Sanaullah Zehri accompanied by a large number of armed guards (read goons) tried to enter the premises of Balochistan Provincial Assembly. His guards were rightly stopped by the police, as an Assembly is a place to promote peace and not to demonstrate militancy. This resulted in a scuffle and hot words were exchanged between the Police doing its duty and Mr Zehri pushing for terrorism. Mr Zehri should have been arrested and taken to court; instead the SP was suspended for doing his duty.

While one has the highest respect for the SP, the Police as usual keeping to its old habits of being the pets of politicians and in the pockets of the rich put one of their own out in the cold. Is there not one brave and honest police officer who would take a stand and say that the SP was right? Why are they such cowards? How will they serve and save this nation when they cannot save a single person from among their ranks? This is an excellent reason for the Speaker Balochistan Assembly to suspend the lawless Parliamentarian?


Karachi, July 19.