ISLAMABAD : Broadband internet subscriber base of the PTCL will continue to grow at an average rate of about 8.5% per year for the next three years. According to a telecommunication analyst, after several years of decline, PTCL’s fixed-line subscriber base grew by 2% in 2012, largely due to the fact that fixed-line is a prerequisite for its broadband internet services. “We project the share of the broadband segment in total revenues to climb to 25% by 2013, with an assumed subscriber base of 1.65 million,” he added.

The PTCL has the largest copper infrastructure spreading to almost every city, town and village of Pakistan. The network has over 6 million PSTN lines installed across the country with more than 3 million working. The installed capacity of broadband is approximately 1.4 million ports spread across cities

and towns. The PTCL is heading for a strong comeback, and is doing so in large part through diversification of its revenue streams as well as an increasingly effective adaptation of newer technologies.