Despite knowing that Pakistan is one of the most disaster prone countries, where natural and man-made disasters often visit, it always remains ill-equipped to cope with turbulence of such disasters. The more glaring is the yearly floods that cause havoc. As all disasters are managed by a systematic process, of disaster management, that aims at minimising the damage and restoration of people to their normal state.

However, due to its inadequate preparedness to manage disasters, it has failed to effectively cope with them. Though, after 2005 earthquake, a systematic effort was geared to develop a viable structure of disaster management evolving into establishment of NDMA, it has yet to achieve any results.

The floods of 2010 exposed its unpreparedness and frail management resulting in unprecedented proportion of losses and damages. Since, the magnitude of implications is too heavy to bear; the efficient disaster management comes, on the priority, second to none of other needs. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate an organised disaster management system to cope with disasters that may break out in future.


Lahore, July 24.