In a seminar to promote Chinese investment in the country, the chief minister of Punjab has offered free-of-cost land to big Chinese investors if they invest in his province. A large number of Chinese industrialists, businessmen and senior officials of government attended the seminar, aimed to provide incentives for setting up of economic zones, besides in textile sector, transport, industrial estates and infrastructure.

It is common practice in the different parts of the world to offer not only land but many other incentives such as low or no taxes for lengthy periods of time to large multinational corporations. These incentives generate employment, capital, investment and open doors for the progress of many other related local businesses. Other provinces should be encouraged to do the same to attract foreign investment, as it is a laudable move.

However the property that is being offered, has to be done so through the proper means. If it belongs to the government, it's not for the CM to just give away. Such generous offers must have prior approval of the parliament, as these lands are not the property of any person or politician but the assets of the Pakistani state and its people. If the land belongs to certain communities then they should not be coerced to vacate it and should be compensated in a fair manner.

The most important factor to attract foreign investors is to ensure their safety and well-being. After the various incidents of targeting Chinese engineers and the resource intensive security arrangement that will be provided to them subsequently, investors are weary of sending skilled labour to Pakistan, as it is not always possible to promise absolute security to them. The security situation of the country needs to be improved drastically instead of promising free land at the outset.