Justice is an attitude. It is a painful reality that the vast majority of players of our legal and judicial system in practice do not possess the desired attitude of doing justice both with friend and foe alike because many of them who have joined this profession, be it investigation, prosecution, lawyering, judgeship or court personnel, not by choice but by an accident or job saturation in the country.

That’s why, here is doom, dread, darkness, despondency and disappointment in the society  because  there is nothing else but injustice everywhere in the country.

In this dismal situation, this nation needs a just and fair system and just and fair operators and managers as we hear in different democratic and civilized countries where no one with unjust attitude and unjust mind dares to inflict injustice upon anyone on any irrational and unreasonable ground as it happens here in our society.

However, like many others, I am not hopeful that our ruling elites would ever make any genuine effort to put in practice a just system ensuring easily accessible justice system to the justice seekers in the country.

Hashim Abro,

Islamabad, July 29.