KARACHI - The accountability should not remain limited to just Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, but for the survival of Pakistan it is imperative to go for a strict accountability of all corrupt politicians and elite, said Altaf Shakoor, President Pasban-e-Pakistan.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, he said verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan had provided a ray for hope to the downtrodden and exploited people of Pakistan. He said, “However, we do not need a selective accountability, but all corrupt people should be taken to the task irrespective of their statuses and ethnic identities.” He said the ‘garbage’ of corruption present in assemblies and the corridors of power should be swept away for good.

He said Pasban with the patronage of the masses would Insha’Allah clean all the remaining garbage in the coming general elections of 2018. He said all the elements who are patronizing the corruption mafia would be taken to the task. He said now the time is ripe to end family politics and political dynasties. He said the unholy role of Waderas and capitalists in mainstream politics needed to be ended for good.

He said the beauty of democracy is the cleansing of corruption. He said the people should forge unity in their ranks and files and accelerate their struggle against injustice. He said the corrupt elements are not only present in the PML-N, but also in PPP, PTI and other parties who had looted the national assets of this country. He said all these corrupt people will be dragged to the courts of law for their accountability.