islamabad - The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has sought intending pilgrims’ input for overcoming shortcomings in Hajj arrangements in country as well as in Saudi Arabia. Official sources told APP that the ministry was persistently trying to make Hajj cheaper and comfortable. The questionnaire has been placed at the website, each government scheme Haji would fill the form and share experiences of Hajj to enable the ministry to improve arrangements.

In a questionnaire issued by the ministry, the intending pilgrims have been asked to comment on quality of arrangements and suggest measures to improve the same. The ministry has sought comprehensive details from Hujjaj’s experience right from submitting Hajj application to their comments about facilities provided to them in Saudi Arabia.

The intending pilgrims have been asked to comment about standards of Hajj training, quality of facilities provided in Haji camps, behaviour of airport, Haji camp staff as well as the staff deputed at Jeddah airport.

Intending pilgrims have been asked to comment about standard of ministry’s performance right from Hajj application processing to provision of food, qurbani, training and launching awareness campaign for making Hajj hassle free. The intending pilgrims having negative opinions about Hajj facilities provided by the ministry have been asked to give detailed suggestions for improving Hajj journey arrangements.

The questionnaire also sought pilgrims’ opinion about quality of residences provided to them in Saudi Arabia, transport especially condition of busses provided to them for travelling from Haram Sharif to their residences.