MANDI BAHAUDDIN/GUJRANWALA-The disqualification of Nawaz Sharif in Panama Leaks case by the Supreme Court has received mixed reaction from the people.

Some citizens said that MNA Ijaz Chaudhry was disqualified some time back during this year for giving false information about his education in the nomination papers. In addition to his disqualification, he was awarded imprisonment as well. But Nawaz Sharif has been only disqualified and no other punishment like imprisonment has been awarded. This shows that law is applied in discrimination keeping in view the status of the culprits, he added.

There are people in majority in this district who have expressed their reservations over the judgment of SC. They said no corruption or misuse of authority was found against Nawaz by JTI in its long investigation report and the allegations required further investigation.

They termed the decision of the court result of some conspiracies by anti-state hands. There are many who claim that SC verdict is historic that would go long way in bringing all corrupt rulers, politicians and bureaucrats in accountability net to make Pakistan corruption-free. They demand initiation of accountability process against all having names in Panama leaks report. Still there are some people who believe nothing will happen practically and the corruption would continue as most of the rulers are corrupt and the corrupt persons cannot take the other corrupt ones to the account. In their opinion, main parties wasted public funds and time in fighting a case of political nature in SC.

Meanwhile, PTI workers have continued their celebrations on Saturday over disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister. A big gathering was witnessed at the office of PTI chairman union council Shahid Nagar where the participants were holding banners and posters of chief of army staff and judges of Supreme Court. they shouted slogans against Nawaz Sharif while in favour of army and judiciary.

OUTLAWS OUT OF POLICE REACH: Dacoits and thieves took away cash, gold ornaments, vehicles and other valuables in various hits here on Saturday.

In Khiali Police precincts, bandits snatched Rs37,000, and two cellphones from Aalam; in Kamoki saddr area, robbers looted Rs64,000, gold chain and cellphones from Tayab; at Ahmed Nagar, armed men took away Rs40,000 and two cellphones from Ansar; in People’s Colony area, bandits snatched Rs15,000 and cellphone from Mansha; and in Nowshera Virkan, Irfan was deprived of Rs83,000, three cell phones and gold ornaments on gun point.

In Gujranwala Saddar area, armed men intercepted Philips Masih and looted Rs32,000 and two cellphones; in Sabzi Mandi Police limits, dacoits took away Rs22,000, gold ornaments and cellphones from Ikram; in Nowshera Virkan, robbers snatched Rs70,000, three cellphones and gold ornaments from Khalid; in Tatleywali, dacoits looted Rs110,000, two cellphones and gold ring from Khalil; at Sohdra, Farasat was deprived of Rs40,000 and cellphone at gunpoint; and in Cantt area, bandits snatched Rs67,000 and two cell phones from Tariq.

In Wahdat Colony, armed men looted Rs17,000 and gold ornaments from a woman; in Kamoki City area, Mohsin was deprived of Rs60,000 and cellphones, in Tatliwali armed men snatched Rs30,000 and three cellphones from Adnan, in Wazirabad Saddr Police limits robbers looted Rs60,000, two cellphones and gold ornaments from Mubashar, in theft incidents unknown thieves swept the houses of Arshad and Abdul Razaq. Meanwhile, car of Ghulam Hussain and motorcycle of Abdul Rauf were stolen from different areas.