MULTAN-The celebrations and protest against disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif rocked the city on Saturday as one hand disappointed PML-N workers brought rallies to express solidarity with their prime minister while PTI workers jubilate the Supreme Court verdict.

The city witnessed a string of protests as the disappointed PML-N workers brought out rallies from different parts of the city and held sit-ins.

The workers resolved to stand by their party chief, saying although the court verdict expelled him from Prime Minister's House, he still lives in the hearts of the workers. Holding party flags, the participants of the rallies marched on city roads, shouted slogans against Imran Khan and demanded withdrawal of the court decision.

Almost all rallies culminated at Chowk Kutchehry where the workers burnt tyres and blocked the road. They staged sit-in at the chowk as a result of which severe traffic jam took place around Kutchehry area.

A PML-N associated union council chairman Ijaz Fakhar attempted to commit suicide as protest against the decision but the workers foiled his bid. He sprinkled petrol on his body and tried to set himself on fire. The demonstrations were led by women wing Punjab vice president Sarwat Khan, Chairman UC 5 Ghulam Sarwar Ansari, youth wing leader Abdul Rehman Fari and others.

Earlier, speaking at a workers convention, former MNA Sheikh Tariq Rasheed and Mayor Naveedul Haq Arrain anticipated that those celebrating the disqualification of Mian Nawaz Sharif would cry very soon. They added that entire nation stands by Main Nawaz Sharif and the workers were ready to extend every sacrifice.

MPAs - Haji Ehsan Uddin Qureshi and Shahzad Maqbool, Deputy Mayor Munawar Ehsan Qureshi and Malik Anwar Ali said that the way the decision was given, the PML-N workers rejected it. They declared that the workers were ready to come out if the leadership gave a call. They said that the punishment handed to Mian Nawaz Sharif was regrettable and the citizens were highly worried on it. They declared that the PML-N would continue its struggle for the progress and prosperity of the country.


The jubilations unleashed by the disqualification of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif continued on Saturday as the PTI workers distributed sweets in different parts of the city. Similarly, the activists of Saraiki Party brought out a mock funeral procession of PML-N and shouted slogans against it. The participants of the funeral procession carried a coffin and offered namaz-e-janaza.

Similarly, the PTI women wing leader Qurban Fatima distributed sweets and sacrificed a goat. The PTI workers held special prayers for the long life of Imran Khan. Similarly, other PTI leaders namely Aamir Awan and Asif Rasheed Ghauri also distributed sweets in separate celebrations.

The speakers said on this occasion that the visionary leadership of Imran Khan unearthed massive corruption committed by the leaders. "It is because of Imran Khan that the nation has got rid of a corrupt leader," they added. They anticipated that the PTI was going to blow some more wickets very soon.