NOORPUR THAL-Speakers paid glowing tributes to late Dr Majid Nizami during a seminar held here on Saturday.

Noorpur Thal Office-bearer Sammar Sultan said that struggle of Dr Majid Nizami was a great chapter of the journalistic history. “He (Mr Nizami) promoted the ideas and thoughts of Quaid-I-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He was a symbol of truthfulness and boldness in the society and he never surrendered to any civil or military dictator throughout his life.”

Senior journalists Malik Hayat Joyia, Noor Din, Malik Ghulam Gilani Wahdhal and Malik Azizur Rehman said that Dr Nizami never compromised on the interest of Pakistan and struggled for democracy, eradication of corruption and for the supremacy of the Constitution.

He was a strong supporter of the Kashmir cause, they said. They added that Dr Nizami was a symbol of serious journalism in Pakistan. Among others who spoke on the occasion were Advocate Raja Ashraf Hayat, Advocate Malik Mushtaq Hussain, Malik Qamar and Arif Khan.