AHMEDPUR EAST - Ameer of Bahawalpur Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi Sunday declared that through massive rigging and pre-planned conspiracy, his son Prince Bahawal Abbas Khan Abbasi’s electoral victory was converted into defeat.

Addressing crowded press conference in Sadiq Garh Palace, Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi said that in the aftermath of the announcement of the result of NA-174, shutdown, protest rallies and blocking of national highway was a natural reaction of the masses who love Abbasi family.

Independent candidate NA-174 Prince Bahawal Abbas Khan Abbasi, Sahibzada Muhammad Usman Abbasi, Sahibzada Muhammad Umer Abbasi and Sahibzada Shahzain Abbasi were also present on the occasion.

The BNAP chairman categorically stated that he does not believe in the politics of violence. He informed the newsmen that when they heard about the alarming situation in city Ahmedpur East, his son Prince Bahawal Abbasi rushed to the scene and dispersed the masses, restoring traffic on national highway.

He pledged that they would fight out all negative tactics and would adopt legal course to let the pubic mandate honoured. He questioned why the election staff opened sealed bags in a mosque situated near returning officer office and stamped on ballot papers whole night which videos and photos were shared by Bahawal Abbasi’s supporters.

He urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Election Commissioner to take notice of the massive rigging and use of state machinery against his son in NA-174 Ahmedpur East polls.

He hoped that a probe would be instated to reveal the facts how his son was defeated while leading by a margin of 22,000 votes at 11pm. But results were stopped immediately and next day July 26, Prince Bahawal was declared runner-up with a margin of 5,000 votes, he pointed out.

Addressing the press conference, Prince Bahawal Abbas Khan Abbasi stated that public mandate was stolen in the darkness of night. He alleged that form 45 was not provided to his polling agents at majority of polling stations and results were handed over on white paper. In rural areas his polling agents were not allowed to participate in the counting. He announced to fight for the public mandate at all appropriate forums.

Sahibada Muhammad Usman Abbasi while talking to media disclosed that a conspiracy had been hatched against Abbasi family to keep its young leadership away from new setup of expected South Punjab province.

He said that PTI candidate Sami Gillani was defeated by his stepbrother PPP candidate Ali Gillani in his hometown Uch Sharif constituency so how he can win the polls, he posed a question.?

Sahibzada Muhammad Umer Abbasi told newsmen that he had handed over an election staff personal to military who was found stamping ballot papers in mosque situated on court premises but he was released by the returning officer concerned.

Sahibzada Shahzain Abbasi, independent candidate PP-251 said that hundreds of fake votes of women were polled in his constituency and army soldiers were eye-witness to this fact. He alleged that Prince Bahawal Abbasi had won the polls but election was rigged under a pre-planned plot, because he had refused to contest on PTI ticket from Bahawalpur city constituency.

Shahzain said that Abbasi family had 365 years old ties with Bahawalpur region people and such tactics could not affect the family popularity.