While appreciating sentiments and objectives of Supreme Court Pakistan for creating a fund seeking donations from public for building much needed dams in this country, one wonders will it achieve target.

The SC is aware of over Rs250 Billion which few owe for bank defaults by those who having declared bankruptcy continue to live in luxury, owning expensive properties within country and abroad. Biggest facilitators of black economy and tax evasion, namely corrupt officials of FBR, have again fallen short by Rs184 Billion from their midyear target for 2018, inspite of amnesty scheme which yielded over Rs90bn.

The affluent elite including paid civil and uniformed public office holders who are biggest beneficiaries of allotment of lands alongwith powerful land mafia continue to be an obstacle in collection of income tax at uniform rate, levied on salaried people, earned in profits. If ruling elite of this country and powerful establishment had the will, over Rs 500 Billion could be earned from sale of plots to public on land which was illegally taken over by powerful Land Dons in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Murree etc by few who seem to be more powerful than state. SC of Pakistan has declared takeover of thousands of acres of land belonging to State but nothing concrete beyond that, other than peanuts deposited such as Rs5bn by one of them.

Billions continue to be laundered and transferred abroad by those who are beneficiaries of corruption, while national exchequer is on verge of bankruptcy. Guaranteed capacity payments to private Power generation producers and energy suppliers continue to burden the state even when electric power or gas is not being fed to national grid and distribution system.


Karachi, July 10.