KARACHI - Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair Umar on Sunday tendered his resignation and also questioned transparency of the general elections held on July 25.

Addressing a press conference held at Governor House, Zubair said that main reason behind his resignation were the irregularities and pre-poll rigging observed on poll day. He said that last night, he had sent his resignation to President Mamnoon Hussain while as per the constitution President will nominate a new governor for Sindh province.

“I have serious reservation over the results of general elections, about four days have passed and the process of votes counting is in process,” said Zubair, adding that whatever happened on poll day confirms that July 25th polls were managed.

He said that pre-polling rigging was occurred and we were still receiving the evidences through video messages that verified engineered election. Many political parties rejecting the election results had shown concerns over the irregularities observed on election day, he added.

“Unexpectedly the poling agents were thrown out of the polling stations at the time of votes counts where as the Election Commission came up with an excuse that its Result Transmission System (RTS) was gone down due to the load of data. The entire episode indulged the candidates into a war of votes counts and even today Election Commission facing failure to give satisfactory respond over the votes recounts applications,” said Zubair.

“During recounts in Manshera and Murree one of the political workers lost his life but media don’t bother to air the matter,” he added.

He further said that anti-PML-Nawaz drive was launched before the poll and Nawaz Sharif along with his daughter were sent jailed. People were also aware what happened at the election of Balochistan Chief Minister slot and opponents played none democratic game in Senate election to bring their chairman.

“Moreover, the game played in general election of July 25th had defamed Pakistan across the world and it had given a chance to international media to publish about the insult of democratic norms in Pakistan,” the former governor added.

Further criticising Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, he said that at every instant when Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) led government tried to enhance ties with neighbouring country Indian, Imran criticised the rulers but now surprisingly PTI Chief did the same differing from his past stance against India. In 2013, Imran demanded scrutiny of four constituencies however if Imran is too sure about his victory then he should not make woes over the scrutiny of NA-249 and NA-245 constituencies.

“I performed my duties with honesty and played a role in financial revival boosting the economic activities while the credit of restoration of peace in Karachi also goes to PML-Nawaz. He also thanked Nawaz Sharif for giving him the opportunity,” he concluded.

Statement contrary

to facts: ECP

APP adds: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Sunday said the statement of Sindh Governor Zubair Umer that he had resigned because of alleged rigging in the general election was contrary to facts.

It was astonishing that a person holding the constitutional office of governor was ignorant about the electoral process and he should better tell the nation the real reason of his resignation, an ECP spokesperson said in a statement in Islamabad.

 He said election was a continuous process. Many phases of the general election 20-18 had already been completed and the successful candidates had been asked to submit details of their expenditure by August 4 so that an official notification of their success could be issued.