KAMALIA - The annual budget of Kamalia Municipal Committee [MC] for the fiscal year 2018-2019 was unanimously approved in a session chaired by MC Vice Chairman Ch Mehmoodul Hassan Jutt.

In this year, the estimated expenditure of this year’s development programs is Rs38 million out of which Rs13.3 million will be spent for the construction of General Bus Stand. The income was estimated at Rs252.2 million. Rest of the income was set aside for the payment of the salaries of the staff and other departmental expenses. MC Chairman Sharif Malik and a large number of municipality members were also present during the meeting.

Raising objection to the budget, MC member Haji Zakaria stated that details of the proposed development schemes were not attached with the agenda copies. Convener of the meeting formed a committee comprising five members to prepare a detailed report of the expenses and present it in the next meeting. Haji Idrees Jutt and Rai Ziaullah Khan expressed condolences over the death of the father of MC Chairman Sharif Malik and offered Fateha for rest of the departed soul in peace.

Ali Azhar Goggi congratulated newly-elected MNA Riaz Fatyana and MPA Ashifa Riaz Fatyana. Rai Ziaullah Khan said that it was hoped that the newly-elected public representatives would take positive and concrete steps for the development of the Kamalia MC.

A resolution was submitted that the contract of the Nadra office building did not fall under the MC’s responsibility. The resolution was adopted unanimously and the contract was cancelled. MC Chairman Sharif Malik suggested that a parking lot should not be established at the place being used by cart vendors. The suggestion was accepted. Later, the meeting was adjourned till August 10.