Islamabad - Nursing staff of CDA Hospital on Monday staged a protest demanding up-gradation of service structure and restoration of mess allowance.

Dozens of nursing staff members of the hospital carrying placards in their hands came on roads staging protest against the authority for not providing them service structure. The protesters while sloganeering against the CDA management reached outside the authority’s headquarters and staged a sit-in.

The protestors claimed that nursing staff was being denied promotions and allowances in the hospital, adding that they would go on strike if their demands were not met.

Presenting their demands, the protesting hospital staffers asked the management to update the nursing service structure and upgrade 44 senior nurses on 25 per cent quota. They also demanded restoration of mess allowance which was stopped in 2007. The protestors also sought uniform allowance for the staff.

The protestors while delivering speeches urged the CDA management to do justice with the nursing staff and upgrade their service structure.

A senior nurse Nasreen Bibi said on this occasion that nurses were doing tough job in lesser salaries while handling more patients than international standards. She said that she served in the hospital for 28 years and was still waiting for promotion, however; the as per rules, she should have been promoted to the next cadre. Another staffer Raheela said that it had become difficult to survive inflation and run a family.

The protestors demanded from government to fulfill their demands otherwise the protest will continue and hospital services will be shut down.