ISLAMABAD   -    A male-dominated and conservative society of erstwhile Fata is considered as a region where women’s participation in public discourse is prohibited and considered a sin. Since centuries women have been constrained inside their homes in that region.

It is a fact that tribal regions or newly formed districts were considered to be the most ignored, excluded, and neglected areas of the country and women were most vulnerable to such negligence.

Besides many other issues, literacy rate among women in tribal regions is almost zero because their everyday lives are greatly affected and constrained by social and traditional norms and values, which stop them from taking part in public life.

Despite these social barriers and limitations, the tribal regions have produced some inspiring women who have left their mark in the history of the country.

One of them is Quratul Ain Wazir, who is currently working as a cantonment magistrate in Peshawar and has an additional charge of railways magistrate.

Hailing from South Waziristan, Wazir has worked on many high ranking posts before she was given the charge of Peshawar cantonment magistrate and an additional charge of magistrate of the railways.

“I belong to South Waziristan. I completed my early education from Bannu and due to limited facilities in Bannu I decided to complete my higher education from Peshawar and did my graduation in law and masters in political science from the University of Peshawar,” she said

Wazir told The Nation that initially she wanted to become a lawyer/judge but due to unavailability of posts at that time she did not waste time and appeared in provincial management services.

She added that the women in her region have suffered so many miseries and hardships and it was her dream to work for the goodwill of those women who were still suffering.

For the last two decades, the situation in tribal regions is very uncertain and masses were caught between militants and banned groups and state military which have tried to root out the militants by armed operations and women were mostly suffered during such situation.

Talking about her fieldwork she revealed, “I do not consider myself a woman during fieldwork or duty time, because it can be a kind of barrier for me and then I will not be able to perform my duty.”

She said that being a female it is very difficult to work in male dominated society and convincing the public is another tough job, but her continuous struggle and daily interaction with the public have made it easy for delivering her best. Talking about her achievements, she mentioned that being railways magistrate she has conducted many operations in different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and retrieved 724 marlas commercial land of railways.

According to her, not only in railways but in cantonment board she has recovered Rs150 million and Rs3.8 million arrears in property tax in 12 months as cantonment magistrate.